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Message from the founder


Being the founder of Enjaz Business allowed me a unique opportunity.  It allowed me to dream…. to create a vision for what I think a company should look like and how it should operate! Though I did not know if the dream would come true, I believed it would!

With a vision to be one of the market leaders as a service provider, we are excited about the next leg of Enjaz Business journey that includes consistent innovation of strengthen our offerings to better customer satisfaction.

We will continue moving forward, always keeping the high standard of services…”


Fidaa Diab

Why choose us

About Us

ENJAZ Business is one of the leading business service providers in the United Arab Emirates, serving domestic and international clients.

In addition to business start-up services, ENJAZ BUSINESS offers full range of services in business, including secretarial services, PRO services, public contact services, translation services, consulates, and notarial certification. Therefore, we cater to all legal needs any business requires in United Arab Emirates.

Our services cover all industries, including foreign direct investment in the UAE and support to facilitate business start-up. Our clients include a range of individuals and businesses at home and abroad. 

Since inception, ENJAZ BUSINESS has continued to help clients from various countries enter and thrive in the UAE by offering a range of options that best meet their needs. ENJAZ BUSINESS is proud to be one of the quality legal service providers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

ENJAZ BUSINESS combines the highest global standards with local expertise to provide valuable legal, practical, and strategic solutions that help our clients achieve their goals.


Our Expert Team

All our team members are recognized experts in their respective fields. They have expertise in both the legal framework and the specific business requirements of various industry sectors. They have established experience in mentoring companies and individuals based on their particular UAE business needs. Members are confident in their ability to provide cross-border advice, identify client needs and work with clients to help them achieve their goals. ENJAZ BUSINESS focuses on quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. We assure transparency and credibility in all our assignments and It sets the standards adopted by leading business service provider to reassure clients and provide a reliable source of knowledge and trouble-free supports.

What We Do

Our Services


Company Formations

ENJAZ BUSINESS offers legal, structural, and regulatory solutions specifically for entrepreneurs and start-ups that manage all phases of the growth process, including incorporation, structuring, compliance, and all related statutory compliance Services. ENJAZ BUSINESS begins before the constitutional stage and advises on appropriate for the client’s specific needs and circumstances.


Consular & Notary Assistance

ENJAZ BUSINESS also hosts related consular services on behalf of the client government. These include notarization services, including acceptance of passport applications, travel documents associated with passport exchange, national identification, the appointment of the consulate, waiver of citizenship, and document of testimony and certification.


Documentation Attestation

Our document attestation service is a facility that helps our clients contact public authorities to obtain the legalization of documents. We make the process easier and more accessible when certification requirements are difficult. Our advisory body is in contact with public authorities to ensure that a certificate of certification is obtained in the event of an urgent warning.



We can manage all types of document translations: personal, technical, legal, corporate, marketing and we handle these projects in the most timely and effective manner. Our valuable experience and resources, together with our diligent translators, enable us to manage your most arduous translating tasks in a professional manner while minimizing costs.


Typing Service

We specialize in providing typing services in UAE since our sister concern, Arabian business center have affiliations with Amer, and Tashseel Services could provide our clients the vest attention and timely services for their all-typing requirements.


Mergers and Acquisitions

 ENJAZ BUSINESS is one of UAE’s leading M&A law firms advising clients worldwide on the most complex and important transactions. Our practice, which focuses on M&A, private equity, and venture capital transactions, is growing exponentially. The ENJAZ BUSINESS team is made up of some of UAE’s top M&A lawyers and has been repeatedly recognized by speaking to UAE contract makers, and ENJAZ BUSINESS is consistently ranked among the top M&A law firms and acquisitions in UAE.


Sponsor Management

We could assist you in finding the best local sponsor fort your business. We have tie-ups with many UAE national Partners willing to assist you in company formation requirement who can act as local service agent or local sponsors as required by the legal framework. Our Sponsors will support you most transparently, professionally, and efficiently at affordable fees.  


PRO Service

ENJAZ BUSINESS offers a personalized approach to PRO services with dedicated services tailored to your business’s specific needs. Processing public documents can be a complicated task for many companies, especially for foreign investors unfamiliar with the area. The services of ENJAZ BUSINESS make this easy and make the whole process faster and easier.


Special Government Approval

Many firms are operating in the field that requires special approval from the UAE government, such as firms working in the gas and oil sector require Supreme Petroleum Council Approval (SPC Approval). However, getting such approvals is very complicated. But, don’t worry; our team of experts can make this easy for you. You are just required to trust our services.


Corporate Structuring

Our business formation and business service practices provide structured solutions to clients, start-ups, and multinationals seeking to establish a commercial presence in the UAE. We advise companies to maximize legal and corporate frameworks’ benefits and provide any corporate structuring and secretarial services.


Licensing Support Services

The ENJAZ BUSINESS provides direct access to ministries and subject matter experts within each ministry to streamline business launches and provide ongoing support and monitoring. We guarantee that the job is done correctly from the start. The License services we highly recommend are:
  • Application, modification, or renewal of a business license
  • Application and support related to sharing transfer
  • The allocation, application, and support of the Ministry of Labor
  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Mission visa for short-term project work
  • Legislative approval and license acquisition and renewal

Joint Ventures & Alliances

Companies thrive with good partnerships. Structures such as joint ventures, alliances, and consortia can provide a practical approach to achieving a wide range of strategic goals. However, its nature does not include complete control, so care must always be taken to provide the value it needs.

Our team of world-class specialists at ENJAZ BUSINESS has the experience and knowledge to guide you at every stage. We are committed to working on these types of events throughout the life cycle to give you confidence from start to release.


Business Sales and Purchase

ENJAZ BUSINESS’s integrated team of specialists guides you in buying your business, from building a solid acquisition strategy to creating value. Our team of specialists will also guide you through the sale, from formulating an exit strategy to increasing your business’s value.


Due Diligence Services

ENJAZ BUSINESS’s dedicated transaction consulting and due diligence team is dedicated to the financial, legal, and tax affairs of organizations considering investments, strategic partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, or organizations seeking to improve existing business’s organizational efficiency units. 


Documentation Support

ENJAZ BUSINESS has a dedicated team of corporate secretaries, lawyers, and accountants with extensive experience in various areas of corporate law and business / legal documents. Our team is very business-oriented, has experience in all industries, and has the sense of providing a complete solution to all legal and business document issues.

What We Do

Our Uniqueness

ENJAZ BUSINESS takes an approach that requires the highest level of understanding in each business area, technical skills, and service delivery to provide accurate, reliable, timely, and cost-effective advice across different groups and industry sectors. The diversity of expertise and experience within the team allows us to adapt to the changing environments in which our clients work and to provide customized solutions to business requirements and legal reservations. Our ongoing relationship with our clients and our understanding of the business grows and uses our services to keep pace with the latest legal findings and corrections in matters that may affect our clients’ business feasibility. It is guaranteed to provide dynamic solutions to legal and regulatory issues. 

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